Creating A Rock Solid Defense

Be Honest, Because An Accident Reconstruction Expert Can Tell These Things About You

Any motorist who is in a collision of any type can often discern the role that he or she played. While you might like to think that you were completely innocent and the other driver was completely to blame, the reality is often that your movement on the road was a factor in the accident to some degree. If you've decided to hire a car accident attorney and file a suit against the other driver, you might especially want to suggest that the collision was entirely his or her fault. (And doing so might be tempting if there weren't any witnesses.) You should always be honest, however, because the other motorist's insurance company will hire an accident reconstruction expert, who can tell these things about you.

Whether You Moved Your Vehicle Afterward

Although both drivers involved in an accident will occasionally agree to move their vehicles to the side of the road, there may also be a time that one driver decides to move his or her vehicle in an effort to reduce some of the blame that may come his or her way. In the chaos of an accident scene, it might even be easy to move your vehicle just a foot or two without the other driver realizing it. However, an accident reconstruction expert can often tell whether you moved your vehicle, as he or she will use a variety of methods to determine the exact point of impact of the collision.

How Quickly You Reacted

Accident reconstruction experts can also tell how quickly motorists react before getting in an accident. There are plenty of potential accidents that are completely avoidable, but if one driver is distracted, he or she won't react in time. For example, if you were using your cell phone and didn't react quickly enough, you might have ended up in an accident. By assessing your slow reaction time, the defendant's attorneys may make a case that you contributed to the accident to some degree.

What Happened First

You and the other motorist may have competing stories about a sequence of events surrounding the accident — and the truth may be critical in determining which driver was to blame. It's best to be honest about what you remember because an experienced accident reconstruction expert can often figure out the order of what happened between you and the other vehicle. Fortunately, your attorney may also choose to hire an accident reconstruction expert who may offer a competing viewpoint on what the defendant's expert is saying.

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