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When Semi Truck Meets Motorcycle: The Next Legal Steps To Take

It is bad enough when a semi truck takes out a passenger car. It is far worse when a semi truck meets a motorcycle. If you actually survived such a horrific accident and you have your cognitive and mental capacities intact, that is truly a miracle. However, the rest of you might not have been so lucky. Here are your next legal steps in such a case, as well as legal advice for anyone who lost a family member in an accident involving a semi and a motorcycle. 

File a Lawsuit

Whether you are the victim or the surviving and immediate family member, sue. The driver of the semi truck is responsible for seeing motorcycles and doing everything possible to avoid hitting them. For whatever reason, that did not happen in your case, and the loss of mobility or other bodily functions or the complete loss of a family member should be compensated. The lawsuit should include the driver, as well as the trucking company he/she works for. 

Gather Police Reports, Ambulance Reports, and Doctor/Hospital Reports

The police that arrived on the scene of this accident have to file a report. Get a copy of that. The ambulance drivers that arrived to take you (or your family member) to the hospital also have to file a report detailing everything the EMTs did inside the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Get a copy of that. (You might need your lawyer's help with the ambulance/EMT's report because many ambulances are private companies not connected directly to a hospital.) Then get all of the medical records related to the accident, including the discharge papers and/or death certificate (if applicable) from the doctors at the hospital. If you cannot get these reports, ask your lawyer for help in getting them. 

If You Are the Surviving Victim, Work on Getting Better

Do all you can to heal, to work through physical therapy, and to get better. This will not be an easy time, but your lawyer will be working to get you the compensation needed to pay all of your medical costs and therapy bills. Your compensation should also include the value of your destroyed motorcycle, even if you are never going to ride a motorcycle again. Your motorcycle lawyer will see to it that the value of your bike is returned to you to make up for its monetary loss and personal enjoyment.

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