Five Ways To Avoid Getting A Ticket When Pulled Over For Speeding

Everyone speeds now and then. Maybe you're rushing to work and hoping to cut a few minutes off your commute, or perhaps you're just not thinking, and your foot sinks lower on the pedal than it should. In any event, getting pulled over for speeding can be frustrating since you see the cost of a ticket looming in your future. But the thing is, not everyone who gets pulled over for speeding actually gets a ticket. [Read More]

5 Auto Accident Situations That Are Hard To Defend Yourself From

No two car accidents are the same, since there are several factors that go into determining who was at fault for the crash. Here are 5 different situations that you may find yourself in, which will be difficult to come up with a defense for. Rear End Accidents One type of accident that will have a difficult defense is when your vehicle rear ends another vehicle. The general rule is that the person driving behind the hit vehicle is the one responsible for the accident, which is typically due to following too close to the other vehicle. [Read More]

3 Things Every Driver Should Know About Multi-Car Pileups

Multi-car pileups have made the news all too often in recent months. While most of these accidents were determined to be related to extreme winter weather conditions, they also happen all too regularly on sunny days with perfectly dry pavement conditions. When multiple vehicle accident happens in conditions where weather is not a factor, they are often found to have been caused by the action of just one driver. In some cases, this driver may have swerved suddenly to avoid an animal or obstacle in the roadway and bumped another car, starting the horrible chain reaction. [Read More]

Answers To Auto Accident Lawsuit Questions

In a fraction of a second, a car accident will be able to cause major damages to your vehicle and severe injuries to you. After one of these accidents, you will need to be prepared for what may be involved with pursuing justice following your accident. While you are evaluating your options, you will need to review some basic questions about the legal aspects of pursuing compensation after an auto accident. [Read More]